We at EquiSafe have manufactured the market's safest horse fence since 1986.

The idea to start manufacturing the market's safest fence for horses was born after one of the family's horses had been seriously injured on the wooden fence in the paddock. The assignment then became to produce the market's safest, most stylish and safest fence for the horses so that they could not injure themselves while at the same time maintaining the highest quality. Together with professional riders and customers worldwide, EquiSafe has since further developed its product, from 1986 until today, into a stable, durable and safe product for horses called the RS fence. EquiSafe is today the world leader in fencing for horses.

Our first fence was called the A-fence for many years and is the basis for the different types of fences we offer today. The RS fence, as our products are called today, is an impact-resistant plastic fence made of 100% recycled plastic that is safe for the horses, durable and that the horses do not like to gnaw on. Unlike wooden posts, EquiSafe plastic fences are also easy to assemble.

The RS fence is an impact-resistant plastic fence that has been developed so that if your horse were to blow the fence against the odds, there is a pin that means that under high pressure it is pushed out of its position and the fence opens. We have also developed the fence so that the fence and posts also fold.

The RS fence also has an embedded electric wire, which makes our fence completely unique. Our fence does not contain PVC plastic, but we only use 100% recycled HDPE plastic, which is a very kind plastic for the environment and which can also be recycled many times over.

Our unique RS fence, which today has become the market leader, has in turn generated the continuous development of more types of products and areas of use, such as paddocks, riding tracks, paddocks, gallop fences, dressage fences, etc. Now we have also further developed our unique fences so that they have become even safer and more durable. This newly developed fence is now called the RS fence and is by far our most popular product. In addition, all our fences ´´MADE IN SWEDEN´´ are of the absolute highest quality!. Manufacturing takes place in our own factory in Knäred outside Laholm.

Due to the fence's popularity, there are now dealers in several countries around the world where we are the obvious choice for equestrian facilities and farms that wish to have a stylish, safe and durable fence of the highest quality to be able to feel safe in all situations

Do like several of the largest horse facilities and secure your pastures and work areas with our uniquely secure RS fence.